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When its clear that one gender is superior to the other (no debates please, just accept the truth even if it isn't what you'd like), then it's only natural the superior gender should rule over the lesser creature.Women all over the world are making men their slaves (with the man's consent, don't jump over the word "slave") and their daughter's are growing up to do the same... STTGI hope you're right because from the outside looking in, the exact opposite appears true.This stunning revelation leads to another - the deep-seated sexual tension between the two. Olaff asks me to push deep inside the bed, for that may accomodate him on the bed... You've lost much of your global influence, perhaps it is time for Americans to start looking outward a little more.This is the story of a Indian young man, a teenager who lives with his single mother...' Neeta, is actually a female-to-shemale transsexual. Women are emerging in China and in 50 years we may be looking at them for certain social progressiveness as much as they look toward us. Now that the truth is out and both women and men know it, women are taking over every aspect of society.The Matriarchy is coming, it can't be stopped and why would anyone try?

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