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They have made no secret of their growing love after spending the past few months jet setting around the world together.

Constantly, she pushes boundaries and has been in trouble with the law, but really all of it is because she is desperate to be loved.

I haven’t devoted a whole post to Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne’s relationship because A) when they first started up, I thought it was only going to last two days and B) I worry about Michelle. Despite her weird interviews and her back-and-forth (bordering on offensive) statements on her sexuality, I really like Michelle and I want her to be okay. I don’t care about their bisexuality – I care about their substance abuse. So, The Daily Mail has a lengthy exclusive tell-all about where Michelle and Cara are in their relationship after just a few months. But while the actress is planning her future with Cara – who is 14 years younger than her – we can reveal the Mulberry model’s family is terrified of the influence the wayward star is having on the top model who has become the toast of the fashion industry.

I think Cara – who is known (to me) as something of a wild child/party girl/drugged-out mess – is a bad influence on Michelle. The source, who Michelle regularly confides in, said: ‘Michelle comes from a broken home and it has a lot to do with why she has found herself in trouble again and again throughout her life.

Rodriguez also branched into television, playing Ana Lucia Cortez in the second season of the television series Lost.

Later, she moved to Puerto Rico until the age of 17, and finally settled in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Yet this grey zip up is definitely something we'd all like to own. And being cashmere, you'd expect it to be all soft and cosy.

And actually we quite like how Michelle is wearing it here, with white jeans, and a black and white layered top underneath.

During her career, Rodriguez has played in a number of successful action films, including Resident Evil , S. Rodriguez moved to the Dominican Republic with her mother when she was eight years old and lived there until age 11.Her Belstaff jacket is one of those classic wardrobe staples.Most of us own a decent leather jacket - whether new or vintage - to turn to when we want to go all cool, and Michelle is no exception.They then hired a private jet last week to head to Milan Fashion Week, where Cara had a busy schedule.The pair were spotted in coordinating black outfits while carrying bags as they made their way to their airplane - while the Brit beauty's parents were also along for the trip.

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