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She is soon going to trek across the Iranian desert to raise £3,000 for female survivors of war.When asked if he is seeing Tara, Aidan’s representatives didn’t comment – and when asked if he is still single after the pictures emerged, the star merely replied: ‘I can’t say that.’ Meanwhile Tara, who trained at the Dauphine university in Paris and the Stockholm Business School, initially declined to comment on the report, before denying it is her in the photos.Even when they allow us to read their personal life as an open book, their love life is still a mystery.In this context, let’s talk about Being Human star Lenora Crichlow and her love life.

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In the supernatural drama series Being Human, Aidan played the role of vampire whereas Lenora was a ghost.

The couple dated for around a year and 10 months but the relationship didn’t go well.

The exact reason of their split has never been discussed in the media.

Right after their breakup, it was very hard for the couple to stay together for the drama, thus Aidan decided to quit the show while Lenora stayed and continued her journey.

Many people started claiming that it might be the greatest heartbreak for him thus quit the show.

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