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The athlete also weighed in on the debilitating pressures felt by fellow dancers, admitting, "I think that most people outside of the ballet just world assume we all have eating disorders."While she acknowledged the existence of an "ideal" body type "that's been set over time in history," Misty believes that "you can have muscles and you can have curves, and you can still look feminine and be a ballerina."And it's true that Copeland embodies all of these traits.

Earlier this year, she broke down those aforementioned barriers and made history by becoming the first black principal dancer at the prestigious ABT.

What catches my attention is how people separate visual novels from other genres.

Her journey to the top of her profession is the focus of the new documentary But such an incredible accomplishment would not be possible without a long sessions in the gym every now and then.

Copeland attributes swimming, Pilates and floor barre as major factors in keeping her figure fit and toned.

But what's the newest workout craze Copeland is most excited about?

A Pilates-esque strength-building routine called Gyrotonics.

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