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“I met Jason in November 1991 in Waterstones in Bath, where I lived.I was 25 and an underwear designer for Bentwoods in Bristol, supplying Marks & Spencer.I couldn’t believe that every single one of them was able to immediately recite an entire list. Take a 5-20 second video of yourself dancing (no matter how silly you think you look!Here I was, feeling down in the dumps, even though I was surrounded with all the luxuries of life, good friends, good family, and everything I ever needed, while these people with almost had no problem declaring their gratitude for so much. Bookmark it and any time you’re feeling like life is too tough, watch it and remember that no matter how hard life gets, you can always dance. ) and send it to me via email to [email protected] If the file is too big, use a free service like and send it to me that way.She also blogs about her life as a homeless mother living in a van.As the economy continues to circle the drain and the number of foreclosures rises, more and more people are following in Fuller's tracks.

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Long story short, I realized that the only way I could pull my head out of my butt was to get some perspective and focus on others.

As frustrating and desperate as it can feel at times, selecting the person you’re going to share your life with should require more discerning thought than most any other decision you make in your life. Just like you, being vulnerable (especially on the Internet) is a risk.

I’ve been sharing some of the deeper pieces of my personal story to share the mistakes I made and […] Hey Dignity Dater, In my last email, I shared an excerpt from an essay I wrote about one of the mistakes I repeatedly made in my life.

So, Christmas afternoon some friends and I headed down to the homeless district in downtown Salt Lake City for a day of dancing.

We somewhat cautiously and hesitantly climbed out of my truck and started talking to whatever homeless people we could find. I didn’t know if dancing (especially on Christmas) was something any of them would want to do, especially with a camera in their face. Not only did people start dancing, others came to join them.

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