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I was able to try out Windows Hello with a new Lenovo laptop that features support for Windows Hello.

Be aware that not all webcams support Windows Hello but you can find a full list here of those that do.

• oo Voo Everywhere - oo Voo provides cross-platform, cross-device support, so you can talk to all your friends anytime and anywhere without worrying about whether they're on a phone, tablet, or computer.

• Address Book, Facebook & Whats App Integration - Easily invite and add your friends to oo Voo by connecting your Address Book, Facebook, and Whats App accounts.

Over the past few years, the idea of a traditional password has brought us to the realization that they are inherently not as secure as you may think.

Untuk berkongsi perkara daripada Facebook pada tapak web anda, anda boleh membenamkan kiriman atau video Awam.

Apabila anda membenamkan kiriman yang mengandungi video, mesej yang dikirim dengan video akan disertakan.

It took less than one minute to setup and as you can see, it logs you in very quickly.

Microsoft says that Windows Hello offers enterprise-grade security and that it meets the requirement of organizations with the strictest requirements for accuracy and security.

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