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We found a space near the Area Chief’s office and raised the tents that would serve as a pop-up medical center for the day. As we introduced them to the idea of family planning, we heard murmuring: “It’s one way of being disrespectful to God. It causes infertility.” Others shed tears when they reflected on the number of kids that they had, though their husbands still wanted more.

The curious residents rushed to our sides and surrounded the yellow Land Rover. To make matters worse, most of their living standards were very low since both of the parents were jobless and the women were very young.

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It's common for older men to take advantage of a girl's need for food, medicine and school fees in exchange for sexual favors.

Those sexual favors can have long-lasting consequences, like teen pregnancy, that can anchor her in poverty. HIV/AIDS is the second leading cause of death for adolescents in southern Africa, after traffic accidents.

The crime level in the town is very low according to a senior police officer based in the town; the presence of the specialised tourist police unit officers keep the level of crime in check.

With more 50 percent of Kibera's population under the age of 15, competition for work, even in low-skill tasks, is steep.They do not want to be recognized as sex workers or convinced to use family planning because being recognized these are shameful things here.By bad luck, someone must have recognized one of the nurses as a CHAT worker and word got around fast. Sadly, we had no other choice but to go back to our base.For two months I worked with a mobile health clinic that served Northern Kenyan residents with tuberculosis screening, HIV/AIDS testing and counseling and family planning.The organization – Community Health Africa Trust – traveled to communities that had poor roads and where expensive transportation makes it difficult for people to get to the public hospitals that are several kilometers away. One day I accompanied the nurses to the slums not far from Nanyuki town.

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