Mental illness singles dating

The site — True — was launched last year by an Albuquerque social worker to help people like Lynne find healthy relationships. "The Web site, because it caters to people with mental illness, you go in knowing that up front," Lynne said. You don't feel threatened by what the other person might think." Lynne was married once, briefly.• Click here for's Personal Technology Center. But relationships were more likely to aggravate her mental problems than improve them.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Mild to Moderate Depression, OCD, neurotic, paranoia, narcissist, horder, chronic hypertension, etc etc. If you increase the amount of people who are classed as being in some way mentally ill, you increase the customer base, and hence can sell more drugs for disorders we never even knew we had.My experience are when you really get to the root of most people you start to think there may be more with some sort of personality or mental defect than there are "normal" people. I once visited a mental asylum and, while there, asked the director "How do you know when a person needs to be institutionalized? :)Dating someone with mental illness...well, that depends on the type of mental illness...anxiety,by some standards, is considered a mental somebody that is a paranoid schizophrenic...well, that could be a little problematic....i.e.....their problems become your well will taking their meds...thing is ...start to fell better and discontinue the meds....their problem becomes your problem..that now you have to make sure they are properly I’m still facing that challenge but it’s a big world. But I don’t think people identify themselves that much as, ‘I am that or this.’ I am somebody who struggles with [a psychiatric] diagnosis and I take medicine for it. Would it be fair to say that it took about ten years to say, “OK, look, I’ve got a handle on this. Whereas, another person, even if their function is pretty high but they’re experiencing a lot of the same things as the other person, there could be a bond there. Try to do something meaningful.’ And they leave out the most important parts like: ‘Bond with people.

But about a month ago, Lynne began seeing a 53-year-old man she met through a dating Web site designed specifically for people with mental illness.

She is successful socially, educationally and occupationally, but she is constantly battling her illness, trying to prevent it from flaring up.

And she conquers her illness with much perseverance.

“You know, God gives us lots of struggles and I am genuinely inspired by the way you handle yours with such grace.

Yes, you have very difficult days and sometimes weeks. You’re aware of the warning signs and what exacerbates it, and you get the help you need before it is too late.

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