Unonymous online sex chatting

But one such app, Blind, just raised million to expand, including participation from DCM Ventures, a VC that backed Yik Yak.

Blind is different in that it's for employees, more like Slack than Yik Yak.

It features 24 hours of battery life and claims to be a 'mini-disco on the move'.

Secret famously shut down in 2015 and Yik Yak closed just last month, reportedly selling itself in an acqui-hire to Square for about million.

Family, friends, therapists and others may all have something to offer, but each have their own limitations. For sexual issues, 12-step groups can be very valuable.

category=4The e-AA Group is an autonomous online A. The chat rooms serve as both our meeting room and fellowship hall.

To check your time for meetings around the world, on the World Clock. Though The e-AA Group of Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinions on outside issues, individuals often do, and most likely you will hear a few.

If a meeting is in progress when you enter the chat rooms, please take a few moments to become oriented. We neither endorse nor oppose other recovery sites.

It's the mobile app equivalent of the office water cooler where employees share scuttlebutt on everything from job openings to layoffs to how they feel about their company's management and culture.

For instance, after former engineer Susan Fowler's shocking tell-all of alleged sexual harassment at Uber, employees at Uber flocked to Blind to talk about their own experiences.

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