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This is the dark truth about internet dating: a lot of people are paid a lot of money to quantify and commodify your need for intimacy.

But this is not the dark truth many people sub-lingually hint at with the comment "There's just something, I dunno, weird about it" and other vapid dismissals of e Dating.

Our communication plan will, at various times, include announcements in the weekly email, written and spoken announcements on Sunday, a monthly Gazette article, a bulletin board outside of Fletcher Hall, and posters in the narthex and Fletcher Hall.

We want to share with you a timeline of the search process, so you know upfront what we will be working on at each stage of the process.

*** As of May 2016, the long process of selecting our committee has concluded, the congregation unanimously approved our slate of candidates, and we begin our one-year commitment to finding our next settled minister.The point is, they are math majors, they don't respect you, and they are calculating your sexual and romantic desires.This is not unique to Ok Cupid; all dating sites pay a bunch of programmers to run statistics on your messaging and activity habits to optimize their algorithms and interfaces to make money.[1] It's about the insights into the world of online dating and people in general that kept me hooked on the job long after I checked out on being a part of the actual work. I have no problem with math majors; I'm dating one. I have a huge problem with people who use the phrases "the average person" or "the man on the street" as synonyms for "people dumber than I am." I've always found it interesting how math and engineering majors deride philosophy majors, while philosophy majors dismiss math and science people, all with the same justification: your discipline isn't hard enough.Ironically, the only people who give equal respect to all branches of the liberal arts and science branches of the educational tree are the people who never pursued any of them.

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