X factor dating bournemouth

“James Arthur was found in these sort of auditions and we have had some great talent already.” Among that talent was Blythe Acres, a Bournemouth University student, who sang Bohemian Rhapsody for her audition.The 19-year-old said she was put up to it by her house mate. “She said if I didn’t do it she’d eat all my food in the fridge.I think she got fed up with hearing me around the house.” Nina Nagel, also of Bournemouth University, said she’s been singing since a youngster, and chose Amy Winehouse’s version of Valerie to impress the judges.“We actually just went to town to get some presents, and I saw the van and they said it was the only audition today,” said the 19-year-old. I have always watched it and always imagined myself in the actual auditions so why not take the chance?Attended by more than three million people so far, this has been one of the most successful annual arena tours in the UK for the last 12 years.Nathan Lewis, a former Thomas Hardye student who now lives in Brighton, will join his bandmates Keiran and Jordan to perform at the Bournemouth International Centre on Monday, March 6.Matt did just that with a set that included a version of Prince's Purple Rain and Ed Sheeran composed When X-Mass Comes Around, ending with the ominously titled Writing On The Wall.

Ryan Lawrie, Four of Diamonds, Saara Aalto (with a spectacular entrance), and Sam Lavery all followed in quick succession and all delivered great performances that were just as good as many of the acts currently in the charts.THE next singing sensation could be discovered in Bournemouth when The X Factor auditions get underway today.The event will be held at Halo nightclub in Exeter Road from 10am to 5pm.I’ve never done an audition in my life and even if I don’t get further it’s just an experience.” Jasmine Parker, 20, of Poole, said she’s auditioned before but felt she lacked the confidence to help her through.The mum-of-one, to seven-month-old Shane, said: “I did it a few years ago and did Britain’s Got Talent, but my nerves were a wreck.

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